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We offer the possibility of subscribing to both the web hosting and the domain purchase management independently. At no time will we ask you for personal information (except for payment, which we use to renew subscriptions). We have no contracts, no tenures, no fine print.

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2 GB storage
10 GB bandwidth
Unlimited emails
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.com .es .net, etc.
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What is a web hosting?

Web Hosting or Hosting is the virtual space that is rented on a server where you can save all the information on your web page. The cost of maintaining one of these servers includes a series of services specially designed to host your website safely and available 24 hours a day. This type of server has a large bandwidth to be able to supply all user requests, so the infrastructure that includes web hosting is much greater than what you can have on a PC or similar.

What is a web domain?

A web domain is the unique name that each web page has (example: graficc.com, google.com, etc.). These names are regulated and each person or / or company can buy the domain that best suits their needs (as long as the domain is available and has not been previously acquired by another person).

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