Terms and conditions

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  • The company:
    Graficc – Creative Studio
  • The client:
    The natural or legal person who receives the services of the company.
  • Work material:
    Texts, images, videos, graphics and any necessary material that the company requests from the client to carry out the project.
Acceptance of these terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are visible in the footer, as well as accessible at all times from the company’s website, and the client must read them carefully. From the moment that the client accepts a company budget, agrees that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions, without having to sign them, since the link to these terms appears in all budgets.

The company reserves the right to add, delete or modify any provision of these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. Failure to receive notification of a change in these terms and conditions does not invalidate that change.

Payment of services to the company

The price of the services provided by the company is defined in the budget that the client receives. Budgets issued by the company are valid for a period of 30 days unless it indicates otherwise. After that period, the company reserves the right to alter the budget for the same services.

The company reserves the right to alter the budget if the client proposes any type of change or for reasons it deems appropriate, and in any case, a budget has no contractual value until the company and the client formalize the start of the project for means of payment of the first invoice.

Unless otherwise agreed with the client, the company will charge 50% of the total price in advance of the project commissioned by the client. The remaining 50% the client will pay at the end of the project. The company will not start any project until the client has paid the initial 50% nor will it deliver the files for any project until it has received the final 50% payment.

Payment for services will be made solely and exclusively by the following means:

a) Online payment form
Using the following link: https://graficc.com/pay

b) Bank transfer
Whose proof the client will send to the company by email.

c) Stripe self-hosted payment form
Using a payment-invoice based sent to the client email.

Quality of services and delivery times

The company undertakes to provide the services for which it is hired, with the greatest effort and care possible, attending at all times to the professional practices of the branch and with strict adherence to ethics and the goals that are required, observing in all moment the laws and regulations that regulate said exercise. The company will agree with the client the delivery times before accepting the budget, and undertakes to respect them.

On the other hand, the company will not be responsible to the client for damages, breaches, obligations or liabilities that may arise due to fortuitous events or force majeure that are beyond your control,
such as strikes, administrative procedures, stoppages, bankruptcies, wars, sabotage, “hacking”, “cracking” “phishing”, “mining”, technological failures, official regulations, public alterations, floods, hurricanes and manifestations of nature or the weather (such as snow, rain, hail, wind, lightning, etc.). The company will take the necessary measures to avoid in the best possible way that the deadlines for the delivery of the project are delayed.

The client agrees to provide the work material at the time of making the initial payment with 50% of the total price of the project in advance.

Customer response

No response:

The company is a business that to be competitive needs to be efficient. To achieve this, you must ensure that scheduled projects are carried out on schedule. Sometimes the company may even have to reject requests for quotes and projects to ensure that ongoing projects are delivered within the agreed deadlines.

If at the beginning of the project the client has agreed with the company to provide the work material and it takes more than two weeks from the date to do so, the company reserves the right to close the project and not return the amount of the initial transfer 50% of the total amount.

Excess response:
The client accepts that the company has various projects underway and therefore cannot provide continuous feedback beyond the specific needs that may arise during the project.

On the other hand, the client accepts that, to be competitive in prices and quality, the company cannot meet in person unless the budget includes meetings or otherwise agreed with the client. The company prioritizes emails as a means of communication with the client. If the client requires an additional meeting in the middle of the project, the company reserves the right to extend the budget to include the time invested in the meeting or change it for a video call or similar, which would also be included in the final budget, if not It is possible to attend due to agenda issues.

Nature of the contract and cancellation

Both parties agree that the contract is strictly commercial in nature, therefore, there is no employment relationship between them, or between the client and the personnel that, where appropriate, the company assigns to carry out the provision of the contracted services.

The contract has a duration equal to the duration of the project, with the understanding that either party may terminate it by prior written notice, with a minimum of two weeks in advance.

In the event of non-payment by the client during a project, the company may immediately cancel or suspend the service, which does not in any way exempt the client from the payment commitment acquired in the contract corresponding to his project. The company will issue an invoice for the amount of the work performed up to the date of the notification that must be paid by the client before the end of the same month.

Subscriptions to company services

The company provides various digital subscription packages within the web environment. It is the responsibility of the company to inform the customer about the billing cycles and fees, as well as the product the customer is subscribing to.

Subscription conditions
Subscriptions start as soon as the initial payment is processed, and automatically renew on a cycle (monthly or yearly) basis without any notice.. The customer authorizes the storage of his payment methods and to automatically load all billing cycles into them, until the customer proceeds to cancel them. The company will automatically charge the rate in effect at that time for your plan, plus applicable taxes during all billing cycles, until the customer cancels it.

If the company fails in its attempt to collect through the client’s main payment method, it will notify you up to four times over the course of 3 weeks, and will provide you with the necessary tools to update your card details through the customer portal: (https://graficc.com/clientes).
If the client does not take action to solve an alternative payment method, or if all the payment methods in their account fail, the company may immediately suspend the subscription associated with the client.

Cancelation conditions
The customer can cancel their subscription at any time through the company’s contact page or through the main communication and support channels.

Cancellations on subscriptions that exceed their trial period will be non-refundable and the service will continue until the end of the billing period.

Maintenance of digital services

The company has the design materials and knowledge to create, develop and devise visibility tools on the Internet, as well as websites, landing pages, eCommerces, etc.

The company is not responsible for:

  • The subsequent use that the customer can give to this tool, since it may be subject to continuous updates both in content managers (CMS WordPress), plugins, or database management technologies.
  • Control of installed plugins, or third-party companies that provide extra functionalities to the website.
  • Control over the payment gateway services (POS) provided by the bank. Although the company facilitates the first installation and integration of the service, it is not responsible for subsequent changes, as well as administrative blocks that the client may have with the bank.
Accounts management

The client has absolute freedom to access and manage the data of his payment account through the client portal (https://graficc.com/clientes). Among the available options, the client may:

  • Check the current status of your account
  • Update your card details
  • See the subscriptions contracted in progress
  • Download invoices

The customer can proceed to access and generate his verification code at any time. Once the email address is verified, the customer receives a verification code and can proceed to view their data.

The client must keep his credentials confidential and reserved in order to avoid any use of them by third parties. The customer will therefore be solely responsible for all activities associated with the use of his account and access.


The client agrees to keep confidential any data or information related to the company that comes to your attention as a result of the provision of professional services that are the subject of the contract, even after three years from the date on which I am terminated, for any cause or reason, therefore, during and after the professional relationship has ended, you must abstain and therefore it will be prohibited, directly or indirectly, in an enunciative and limiting of:

  • Transfer or allow the transfer of any information that is classified as confidential for the purposes of the company, to any person, firm or organization that was not authorized in writing to do so.
  • Transmit or allow the transfer of any project, information, design or procedure owned by the company, as well as names of clients, suppliers, pricing or bidding strategies, contracts with clients, information or practices of personnel, organizations or companies with which the company has a commercial relationship.
  • Transfer or allow the transfer of any information, technology, technical, technological, design or execution procedures that were not generally known outside the company or that were designated as its property and use any information that was provided to them for the development of their professional activities, for purposes other than these.